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sheila satin originals

I Dig Crystals is the offspring of our family business, Satin Crystals. Here at I Dig Crystals, we offer clients crystal healing jewelry, metaphysical tools and accessories handmade in California. Satin Crystals is now run by Sheila's sister, Lisa Satin, selling high quality stones for holistic healing, meditation, massage, home decor and feng shui.

Sheila Satin found her niche in crystal healing and passion for creating in I Dig Crystals. Sheila graduated from George Washington University with a bachelors degree in International Affairs. In 2003, Sheila entered the family business, Satin Crystals, selling mainly at trade shows and to her late-father's crystal healing students. Her interest in crystals grew as she continued to learn and experiment with the different properties of natural stones. The healing aspect of the company became increasingly attractive after Sheila earned her certificate in Crystal Healing Therapy. She also accessed the power of the mind after completing her certification in Hypnotherapy from the California Hypnosis Institute.

In 2007, Sheila started the custom, handmade crystal healing line, I Dig Crystals, now selling exclusively online. The line includes all types of jewelry, accessories, wands, pendulums, stone sculptures, chakra plates and holistic tools. She is proud to conduct an eco-friendly business using natural elements, biodegradable bags and bubble wrap, recycled mailers and sustainable handmade seed paper. Sheila also maintains a Healing Blog, answering crystal healing related questions and informing those who are ready to let go of limited notions.

Sheila Satin has a passion for creating unique crystal healing items, wearable art, animals, the power of the mind and natural fashion.