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Welcome to I Dig Crystals. Here you can shop for healing crystal fashion and healing crystal natural stone jewelry and handmade healing crystal gifts. We offer beaded bracelets, gemstone necklaces, stone pendants, pendulums, pendants, charms, magic wands and many unique and beautiful creations to assist you with your healing practice. At I Dig Crystals, we use healing gemstones, natural elements and found objects in our creations.

You can search our alphabetized glossary of healing crystal gemstones to find the perfect stone and accessory to help you balance your chakras and take your healing practice to the next level. Because we respect the earth, all of our packaging is eco-friendly. We also offer reiki healing energy crystals that Reiki Masters can use in their practices, including Quartz, Obsidian and Amethyst crystals.

To learn more about the meaning of gemstones, chakra balancing, Reiki energy and how to heal with crystals in our Crystal Healing Information resource guide.

Dear International Customers: Our inventory is currently stocked at the Amazon warehouse; for many of our items they do not ship internationally. For international orders, please send us your selections via email or place your order on our ebay shop. Thank you.